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Environment: Vitamin Deficiency and Hair Loss – Fact or Fiction?

(Mon Nov 2nd, 2009, by Rob D. Hawkins)

I recently was doing some research for one of my websites when I ran across and article proclaiming that vitamin deficiency and hair loss was a myth. Not having heard this before I was inclined to read the article which basically claimed that other more important factors were the instigators with vitamin deficiency simply being present. While I do understand their school or thought it simply is not true and here is why.  marijuana dispensary

What you see when you look in the mirror and examine your hair is simply the hair shaft or what is the byproduct of a series of events that takes place under the surface of the scalp called the dermis. The root which resides in the dermis is nourished by the blood stream to produce new hair. The hair shaft itself is a combination of the protein keratin and dead hair cells which grow at the rate of about 6 inches a year. 

Now can back to our topic of can vitamin deficiency and hair loss. 

Some believe that the most important vitamins for promoting healthy hair growth are biotin (vitamin H) and the B complex. Biotin is found in various foods including liver, salmon, bananas, and carrots and aids the action of various enzymes in the cells. Another important function of biotin in relation to hair health is that it facilitates the formation of proteins from amino acids. Remove biotin from the diet and all of the sudden vital proteins needed for hair growth are reduced and additionally the hair re-growth enzymes located in the scalp may not function properly. los angeles medical marijuana doctor

The B vitamin complex (which some include biotin) helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and protein and build red blood cells and are important to nerve and muscle function. A combination of folic acid (B9), B6, and B12 have been shown to reduce the levels of a type of amino acid known as a Homocysteine, which when elevated leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease. 

So it is easy to see how a perfect storm could occur, reducing protein levels needed for hair growth, reducing blood flow to the scalp, and reducing the scalp enzymes ability to function. I would venture to say under these circumstances not only would your hair fall out, but in rapid fashion. 

The good news in relation to vitamin deficiency and hair loss is that as long as there isn’t an underlying condition which is damaging the hair follicles your hair will naturally grow back once the imbalance is corrected. los angeles marijuana dispensary

What Next? If you are not eating right and are seeing a shower full of lost hair every day simply start eating better and consider taking a daily multivitamin supplement to correct any nutritional deficiencies. On the other if you suspect vitamin deficiency is not the only cause you should take steps determine the cause or causes. The most common underlying cause of balding in both men and women is androgenetic alopecia. This is an androgen hormone driven condition with a genetic backdrop that will not reverse itself without treatment. The good news is  there are a number of hair re-growth products specifically formulated to treat this condition. If caught early it can be slowed or reversed allowing you to keep your hair for many years to come.

Environment: A Herbal Remedy for Depression Might Just Be An Option Worth Considering

(Mon Nov 2nd, 2009, by Rob D. Hawkins)

The idea of considering a herbal remedy for depression has gained popularity in recent years. This comes as no surprise due to the side effect risks that accompany all current prescription medication options. Examples of convention treatments with notable side effect risks are SSRI’s, Tricyclics, MAO inhibitors, mood stabilizers, hormone therapy, sedating medications, and stimulant medications. Most of these medications have been around for over 20 years leading one to ask why the sudden change in public opinion after such as long time. marijuana doctor      

Perhaps the reason has to do with how to do with the availability of information. After all, today we have information available at our finger tips where when many of these drugs were first introduced into the market your only way to find out about side effects would have been by asking your doctor or finding out the hard way by actually experiencing them. Nevertheless, a change has occurred and hopefully the information we have gathered will help you find a herbal remedy for depression that is side effect free and will truly help with your depression. medical marijuana

The first step in finding a herbal remedy for depression is to make sure it is safe. You may believe that taking herbs for depression is a relatively safe pursuit, and in many ways you would be right, except in a few instances including drug interactions. Many of the most popular herbs found in many of the most popular depression natural remedies such as St.John’s wort react adversely to depression medications such as MAOI’s and SSRI’s. Additionally, birth control pills and blood thinning agents are often times problematic. Just to be safe you should ask your doctor for a list of drug interactions if you are contemplating a herbal remedy for depression. medical marijuana card

Once you get the green light looking for beneficial ingredients is the next step. The depression natural remedy most often talked about and studied is St. John’s wort. A number of double blind studies have shown this herb to have significant benefits, in some cases rivaling prescription antidepressants. It also seem to have a detoxifying effect on the body as well which may or may not be associated with depression relief. 

Another herb that could be helpful is passionflower. Passionflower is known for its anti-anxiety benefits. The reason anxiety is important in our fight against depression is that prolonged or frequent bouts of anxiety often lead to depression. If you tend to get really stressed out, only to collapse under the pressure into a depressive state then a herb like passionflower might help you more than an anti-depressant herb. 

There are other herbs considered by natural health advocates to be helpful for depression and anxiety but simply don’t have the science behind them to either support or rule out their efficacy. This list would include basil, black hellebore, clove, ginger, kava, oat straw, rosemary, sage, thyme, and valerian. Note: Kava is not sold in the United States and pay pose substantial health risks. medical marijuana doctors

What Next? Finding a safe and effective herball remedy for depression should be your top priority. Herbal remedies which are able to harness the power of St.John’s wort and passionflower are generally considered to be the most effective and can be used both as a standalone treatment, or when called for, in combination with other non-prescription therapies for maximum impact. Also, depression natural remedies vary greatly depending on the quality of ingredients and the manufacturing process; so quality is an important consideration.

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